Guides and Tutorials
Get the most out of Anima. Explore all our resources guiding you to build responsive prototypes, and translate design to developer-friendly code.

Designer guide to Anima | Beginner

Get started with Anima

Create responsive prototypes

Add smart layers

Preview in browser & sync

Invite teammates & collaborate

Get to know Anima’s platform

Designer guide to Anima | Advanced

Create responsive layout

Connect breakpoints

Add links

Embed video, GIF and Lottie

Build live forms & text input

Add hover effect

Entrance animations

Embed code

Preview in browser & sync

Export HTML code pack

Save prototype to Anima

Play live prototype

Collaborate with developers

Developer guide to Anima | Beginner

Get started with Anima

Get React/HTML code

Collaborate with designers

Developer guide to Anima | Advanced

Master code-mode features

Anima’s code advanced features

Make code overrides

Copy code to your IDE