Pricing and Plans
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What are Premium-Websites?
Launchpad allows you to publish a live website directly from Sketch.
A paid Premium-Website, means we remove our branding from it, in addition to allow you to connect it to a custom domain. In addition, we make it faster by using a world-wide network of servers (CDN).
So once your design is ready to go live, go Premium to use your own brand.
Hosting is included, versioning, backups, Search-Engine-Optimization, and more features are right around the corner.
How do I pay?
Select your plan, sign-up, and start working.
You’re also welcome to start free and check it out.
What happens if I stop paying?
When you remove ‘Premium’ from a website, wether manually or by changing your plan, it means it will no longer be connected to your domain, and that our branding is shown again.
Can I get the website code?
Yes, Pro plans allows you or the website owner (Your client) to get the code for the complete website.
Can I change plans?
Sure, on Sketch, under the plugin menu, choose “Upgrade Plan”. Choose your new plan.
Can I charge directly my client?
Soon. We’re making it possible to let your client pay for their Premium website. It means you’d send your client a secured link, allowing her to pay / quit online. No technical skills required for this, it’s a 1-page dashboard for the owner.
Do I need technical skills?
No. You only need design skills. Press a button and Launchpad will do the rest.
What’s Domain support?
We allow you to create live websites, meaning it can also have a real address (not just one). So if you’ve bought a domain, i.e ‘’, you may connect it to a paid Premium-Website you’ve created with Launchpad.
What’s Hosting?
Websites are made of files - your web pages HTML & CSS files, your images, and from data - the results of all your visitors forms.
In order to make it available on the web, we need to put it online on a server farm. We currently use Amazon’s AWS servers, meaning it is very fast and resilient.
What are Forms?
Forms allow you to interact with your website visitors. For example, if you’d like the to subscribe and give you their details. Or, if you’d like to make a ‘Contact us’ section.
When creating a form, you decide if you want to store the results on a spreadsheet, or have an email sent to you each time a visitor sends a form. Or you can have both.
What are Backups & Versioning?
We understand your design goes more than a few cycles, and Launchpad makes it easy to publish as many updates as you want.
Sometimes you find out there’s a bug in your design, or the client prefers an older variation of it after you’ve already published it.
No problem, you can view older versions and change the one that’s live in a matter of a click.
What are Teams?
If you’re a team, with a few designers working on the same website, you’d like to allow all/some team members to publish updates, not just 1.
If you’re not sure, just start with a Pro plan and upgrade when you need.
Unlimited Free-Websites
Launchpad domain
Launchpad branding
Unlimited Free-Websites
Custom domain
Remove branding
Faster - CDN
1 Premium-Website
Unlimited Free-Websites
Unlimited Code Exports
20 Team members
100 Premium-Websites
Unlimited Free-Websites
Unlimited Code Exports
3 Premium-Websites / User
2-10 Team members
Unlimited Free-Websites
3 Premium-Websites
Unlimited Code Exports
Custom domain
Remove branding
Faster - CDN
Need more Premium-Websites?
1 Website
10 Pack