Design & development, united at last

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Meet Anima

Transforming the design to development workflow


interactive & responsive prototypes

Use your existing design tool to create high-fidelity prototypes that behave like the final product

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Responsive prototypes


quickly with developer-friendly code

Skip the grunt work and speed up production with automated front-end code you’ll actually use

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Reusable code


in real-time & save time

Eliminate the handoff back-and-forth, and start communicating in the same language continuously

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Live collaboration

Discover Anima


Design interactive & responsive prototypes using Adobe XD, Figma & Sketch

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Build quickly with developer-friendly code instead of coding UI from scratch

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Improve handoff with a continuous designer to developer collaboration

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Get more from the tools you love

Design in your own design tool, develop in the framework you love, work together continuously so everyone can hit the ground running

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Do more, Go faster

Bringing product development to the next level