We are Anima

Creativity with purpose

We are designers, developers, and product managers, who used to spend way too much time explaining things to each other. That’s why we built Anima. To see our ideas actually come to life.

Our story

Anima was founded in 2017 by Avishay Cohen (CEO), Michal Cohen (CPO), and Or Arbel (CTO), all veterans of prominent Israeli startups. Anima’s design to code platform was born in the summer of 2018 at Y Combinator and never stopped growing from there.

Anima’s goal is to create a continuous design-to-code process. As designers and developers ourselves, we understand that by streamlining the handoff process, teams will deliver and innovate 10x faster. The effort behind this powerhouse is huge, and the result is advanced prototyping features and the ability to translate designs into HTML, React, and Vue code, all from Figma, Adobe XD & Sketch.

Our Team

Haim Ben Shimol

Tech Lead

Shira Westrich

CS Team Lead

Amir Lellouche

Head of Algorithms

Michal Cohen

Co-founder & CPO

Myriam Cohen

Director of Growth

Yarden Katz

Director of Product

Or Arbel

Co-founder & CTO

Limor Messika

Product Lead

Imanuel Leibovitch

Product Lead

Alicia Parra

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jorge Martins

Senior Product Designer

Noy Gamliel

Designer & illustrator

Adi Mor

Full Stack Developer

Natalie Ben Shaul

Design Advocate

Jenya Guterman

CS Designer

Andres Leon

Customer Success Designer

Moez Bouaggad

Software Engineer

Leke Ariyo

DevOps Engineer

Martin Teixira

Software Engineer

Omer Pariente

Software Engineer

Nick Meyer

Design & Developer Advocate

Avishay Cohen

Co-founder & CEO

Fathy Boundjadj

Software Engineer

Federico Terzi

Full Stack Developer

Guilherme Cerqueira

Senior Product Designer

Bruno Macabeus

Software Engineer

Ben Andrew

Machine Learning Engineer

Aymeric Beudaert

Full Stack Developer

Andre Neves

Full Stack Developer

Jin Lee


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