Introducing Anima Frontier: The first coding assistant for Front end

AI Code-gen with your code in mind, tailored for front-end

Convert Figma to React code effortlessly, in VSCode, by leveraging your existing codebase and reusing your design system components.

Design System oriented

Figma to React

Design and code connect automatically. Code generation based on the design system makes governance and adoption easier.

Contextual AI-Driven Code generation

Frontier utilizes advanced AI to deeply understand your coding conventions, styles, and components. It generates React code that integrates seamlessly, feeling as familiar as if you wrote it yourself.

Open-source friendly - MUI, Antd, Shadcn, and more

Frontier leverages any library to maintain consistency and accelerate development. Easily convert Figma to code that is based on open-source frameworks.

Secured & Easy to use

Built for the enterprise, as easy as installing a VSCode extension. Frontier enhances security by processing and indexing data locally, using ML models within VSCode itself, enabling teams to share code securely without cloud uploads.

Get Early Access

Be among the first to shape the future of front-end development. Get Early bird access to our closed beta now, ahead of our public launch on June 11th.