Introducing Frontier: Figma to Code, using your components, in VSCode Get Frontier in VSCode
Introducing Frontier: Figma to Code, using your components, in VSCode Get Frontier in VSCode

Build web apps 10x faster

Design live web apps in Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch, then export clean code for the entire UI.

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Launch websites right from your design tool with Anima

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The power of code, the comfort of your current design tool

Design your live app in Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch, and we’ll convert it into the leading component-based frameworks for lightning-fast development.


Build live, responsive app UIs with your existing toolkit.


Convert designs into developer-friendly React and Vue code in a single click.


Connect your data and backend architecture, and you're ready for takeoff.

All the creative control, none of the handoff friction

Easily design apps with complex interactions and rich media without changing how you work, then hand off dev-ready React or Vue code.

Launch landing pages fast without a developer using Anima
Create standout portfolios with Anima right from your design tool

Run fast with live production components

Turn your Storybook into a native Figma library in a click, and reuse existing components instead of reinventing the wheel.

Beat your competitors to market

Eliminate the frontend bottleneck, and meet demand for new apps and features in a fraction of the time.

Create kiosk interfaces for museums, art galleries, and more using Anima

“Anima has enabled us to increase our output by a good 25-30% while INCREASING the quality of our end products, as we’re able to spend more time on usability testing and final touches rather than ensuring that the developers and designers are on the same page”

Masoud Rawahi

CEO & Founder @ PhazeRo

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