Automate DesignOps

Anima turns your Storybook into a native Figma library in a click, creating a single source of truth between design and code.

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Continuous syncing between Storybook & Figma

Design and build with the same set of production components. Get notified when a component changes in Storybook and update it in Figma automatically.


Get a Figma library from Storybook with all variants, styles, & Auto Layout parameters.


Share your synced Figma library with distributed teams across your organization.


Use Figma’s native controls with the same components developers will use in production.


Reuse components instead of reinventing the wheel, and rest assured that users will see exactly what you've designed in Figma.

Launch landing pages fast without a developer using Anima
Create standout portfolios with Anima right from your design tool


Get designs containing the exact components you have in the code, including names, props, Storybook links, and your own code reference.


Automate design system management with one-click syncing. Ship fast & maintain consistency across siloed, distributed teams.

Create kiosk interfaces for museums, art galleries, and more using Anima

Maintain your design system. Automatically.