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Design to Code

Build quickly with developer-friendly code.
Export clean, responsive, reusable code components tailored to your team’s conventions, with zero dependencies and minimal code refactoring

Code you can actually use

Anima uses computer vision algorithms to translate design into high quality code that you can build upon quickly

It’s not about “production-ready”, it’s about developer-friendly.

Get full control over your code

Anima lets you customize the code to meet your team’s standards. You can specify granular settings for your coding styles and conventions

Readable code with no dependencies

Don’t get overwhelmed by hundreds of lines of code. Anima’s reusable code components have no dependencies, so copying and pasting them into an existing code-base will just work

Focus on what you love doing, we’ve got the rest :)

Works with your development stacks

Anima translates any design into clean code according to your choice of framework. Get React, Vue, HTML/CSS, and soon Angular, (& more)

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Stop coding UI from scratch

Get started with Anima today.