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Launch websites right from your design tool

Build and launch live websites directly from Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch with complete creative freedom, and no need to code.

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Launch websites right from your design tool with Anima

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Harness the power of pixel-perfect HTML

Anima converts your website design, including all interactions and responsive behaviors, into a complete HTML code package that’s ready to launch as is.


Add videos, gifs, Lottie, live forms, maps, and chatbots in one click.

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Export production-ready HTML to host yourself or hand to a developer.


Launch your site right from your design tool, without touching code.

Launch landing pages fast without a developer

Need landing pages for A/B tests? Go live in a fraction of the time, get user feedback, and iterate fast without writing code.

Launch landing pages fast without a developer using Anima
Create standout portfolios with Anima right from your design tool

Create standout portfolios

Showcase your talent by designing the perfect portfolio in Figma, and we’ll turn it into a live, responsive website. Automatically.

Build engaging kiosk experiences

Create captivating kiosk interfaces—with embedded media and live interactions—for museums, art galleries, and more.

Create kiosk interfaces for museums, art galleries, and more using Anima

“Anima’s features saved me a ton of time and the need to look for a developer, letting me create a real portfolio that I am proud of.”

Sandy Nguyen

Incoming Product Designer @ MongoDB

Turn your design tool into a no-code website builder