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How to Create a Carousel or Photo Gallery in Sketch2 min read

February 3, 2020 3 min read



How to Create a Carousel or Photo Gallery in Sketch2 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this guide, we will create an Instagram-like sliding photo gallery.

There are many ways to achieve this, but here are the basics.


Step 1: Setup Images

Set images horizontally, group them, and place them inside the Phone Mockup folder.

Setting up images, step 1

Step 2: Create mask to display one image at a time

  1. Create a rectangle the same size of the carousel you want to create
  2. Place it under the images Group you just created
  3. With the rectangle layer and images folder selected, click “Mask” in the toolbar

Display one image at a time by creating a mask

Step 3: Add Controls

  • These controls will trigger the interaction and change the images to the right or left.
  • Place these controls on top of the Images folder.

Add controls to images

Step 4: Select Phone Mockup folder and open it in the Interaction editor.

Select phone mockup

Step 5: Create a State for each image

In the Editor, place an image on every state by sliding the Image group to the left.

Create a State for each image


Step 6: Connect Images

Connect the control arrows to the previous or next image/state.

Connect images


  • Click Run Component on the Editor’s toolbar to preview interactions.
  • Back in Sketch, click Preview in Browser to Sync and Share your design with the world!

Download Tutorial Sketch file.

Preview in browser

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