Figma to Personalized Code AI Code Personalization is out of Beta! Read more
Figma to Personalized Code AI Code Personalization is out of Beta! Read more

Generate clean, boilerplate React code from any Figma design

Unparalleled code quality

Anima’s efficient, readable, maintainable code has been painstakingly optimized for developers.

React + TS/JSX

Functional React code with sub-components support that can run instantly.

Variants & props

Stateful & interactive React components, based on Figma variants and props.

Responsive layout

Responsive CSS flex based on Figma Auto Layout.

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Generate clean React components inside Figma Dev Mode

Instantly generate, inspect, and copy your code for free—right from Figma’s developer panel—with read-only access.

Open in Playground in a single click

Automatically open Anima’s code in Playground, see it rendered live, and check its fidelity.

Download your code package right from Figma

Instantly export a complete React code package for any Figma component or screen to transfer to your IDE or repository.

Get clean React code for entire screens & full flows

Turn responsive Figma designs into responsive code, and automate linking between pages.

Kickstart your MVPs

Export an interactive, responsive React code package for an entire Figma flow, and bring your product to market 2x faster.

Generate responsive code

Anima connects different frame sizes in Figma into a single screen with breakpoints & converts it into responsive React with media queries applied.

Automate linking between pages

Anima turns Figma links between pages into React Routers, keeping navigation consistent with zero manual effort.

Deliver frontend 2x faster with boilerplate React code in Figma