Meet Frontier for VSCode Automating design to code, leveraging your own design system Get Frontier
Meet Frontier for VSCode Automating design to code, leveraging your own design system Get Frontier

Figma to code, Automated

As Figma's official design-to-code partner, Anima generates clean, functional React, HTML and Vue —with unparalleled code quality and feature support—inside the most advanced design tool on the market. Javascript or Typescript lovers, Anima for Figma got you covered.

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Figma to HTML & CSS

Get pixel-perfect, production-ready HTML & CSS for both designers and developers. Launch prototypes and websites right from Figma.

Figma to React

Get efficient, readable, maintainable React code for individual components, entire screens, and full flows, using Javascript or Transcript.

Frontier: AI coding assistant for frontend

Convert Figma to React code effortlessly, in VSCode, by leveraging your existing codebase and reusing your design system components.

Frontier: AI coding assistant for frontend
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Figma to Code with prompts

Let Anima code like you. Start prompting directly in Figma and generate personalized code.

Let Anima code like you

Figma to HTML email

Turn your Figma layouts into HTML emails, with inline CSS.

From Figma to hTML email

Figma to Tailwind CSS

Get React with Tailwind classes based on the Figma design attributes (colors, spacing, and typography and more).

Figma to TailwindCSS

Figma to Vue

Get Vue code (Vue2 and Vue3) with Typescript or Javascript directly from Figma.

From Figma to hTML email

What users say

“I really like Anima because when I show Animas’s output to clients, they can already see it as a finished product, with layouts and micro-animations giving life to it. There is no need to envision anything, it is all there in front of their eyes.”
Masoud Rawahi
Masoud Rawahi
CEO & Founder @PhazeRo
“ I would estimate we’re cutting the time to get from the starting line to a POC or MVP by about half (50%) using code generation.”
Jeffery Mac
Jeffery Mac
SVP Services & Solutions @Radiant
“The approach we’re taking right now is largely leveraging code generation (Anima) for things like usability tests or for designing new domain components.”
Director of Digital Experience @Radiant

Deliver frontend 2x faster with boilerplate React code in Figma